The pupils in Ms Graham’s 6th class along with Ms Rohan participated in “Genius Hour”.

Many children choose to present their projects at school assembly.

The children that had created a project on “Who is the most popular boxer in our school?” were brilliant. They spoke so passionately about their project, and are extremely proud of their work.

Ben spoke about the number of nationalities in our school. He has placed numerous translations of “welcome” in many school halls for everyone to see.

Summer is an extremely shy child and she refused to speak about her project on the job of a curator. However, she agreed that she would show her art gallery, and her friend explained it to the children at assembly.

The self-taught pianist played the National anthem at the school ceolchoirm for Seactain na Gaelige, and played it again at the end of assembly when all children stood and sang our national anthem to his music.

Some children have still not completed their projects; however all are determined to complete their work e.g. the boys who are researching the top 10 footballers of all time are still working on their Powerpoint presentation, and hope to present it to the school football team on completion.

Estera who created her own nail varnish was happy to paint her friends’ nails on the day of the Easter holidays, but was too shy to put her video up on YouTube!

The singer songwriters are looking forward to getting their song recorded with a backing track by the teacher they interviewed and hope to create a CD of their work as a result. They are so excited about this and hope to be famous singer songwriters when they get older.

Here are some of our presentations:

Chef Larry!

My Grandad Project