Room 2 all dressed up! We had bunnies, superheroes, Henry Hoover, robots, wolves, baby shark, bats, monsters, dancing llamas and lots more in our class that day!

On the 19th of October, Miss Rohan organised the Spooktacular Fashion Show in the school.

On the day that Miss Gill told us about the fashion show, we planned our costumes in our free-writing copies. The costumes had to be made from recycled materials. Then we labelled our drawings to show the materials that we needed. After that we wrote what we needed to collect in our journals.

When we went home we told our families about the show. Next we looked around the house for recyclable materials that we could use. Later that week we brought them into school. We were so excited!

We checked our copies and started to make our costumes.  Some people changed their minds about their costumes because they thought of some new ideas. We had so much fun – we were even allowed to leave the classroom in a mess at home time so we could keep working the next morning!

We used cardboard, scrap paper, boxes, big plastic bottles, old bags, milk cartons, toilet roll holders, scissors, glue, string, wool, sellotape and masking tape to make our costumes. Then we decorated them with paint, markers and tape. Anna and Miss Irish helped us a lot with all the work!

On the 19th October, we put on our costumes and Miss Irish took our photographs. At half past nine, we went up to the hall, which Miss Rohan had decorated for Halloween.

We had to walk up the catwalk – Jamie went first with Miss Rohan! Everyone else went by themselves and had to do a twirl at the top. We felt a bit nervous but we were happy we did it.

The winner was announced that evening on the radio show – Chloe was the winner from our class with her Evil Bunny costume!

At the end of school we went home, feeling very proud of ourselves.

By Room 2.

Hard at work!