Mathletics Champs in Room 10

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We had an amazing week last week moving our way up the rankings on the Mathletics Hall of Fame. Mathletics is an online maths programme that we have been using in our school since we got our new chromebooks. Each student has their own profile where they can do activities based on maths lessons they have done in class or else they can play games against other students. You can get points for each correct answer and there are various leaderboards to show who has the most points.

Here in room 10 we have challenged ourselves to get as many students from our class as possible onto either the Irish leaderboard or the European leaderboard. Ms Fleming has also challenged us to get our class onto the class leaderboards which would mean that we all have to work together as a class.

Ms Fleming here .. I would like to give a shoutout to all the students from room 10 who worked extremely hard on their mathletics profiles this week. I am so proud of everyone and how dedicated they were to helping our class move up the leaderboard. I checked the class leaderboards and am so pleased to announce that our class finished 18th in Europe and 9th in Ireland last week. I would also like to give a shoutout to Moya who worked on her mathletics profile over the weekend which helped us maintain our high ranking. Moya also finished Sundays European competition in 6th place!! 😀

Check out our video below to see some more of our amazing results! Can you spot anyone you know?…