Recently, in Room 9 we had a visitor who came to talk to us about the effects of climate change, air pollution and how it all affects the Ozone Layer. He started the lesson off by talking about before and after climate change and all the different types of climates and the difference between weather and climate. With climate being the consistent weather over the past 30 years. He then moved on to talk about the different gases in the air such as Oxygen, Helium, Carbon Dioxide and Methane and how they act as a blanket to keep heat which is also known as “The Greenhouse Effect.” A while after, the visitor discussed about the Ozone Layer and how it’s one part Carbon, two parts Hydrogen and one part Oxygen. We also learned how air pollution is making holes in the Ozone Layer. We did a series of tasks and games, one of which was we were split into different groups of four and five and had four different cards: red, blue, green and yellow. We started off putting the blue cards in order from the series of events of how fuel is made and how it pollutes the air when going through the stages of being made into electricity. As we went through the task we started adding the other coloured cards and ending with the yellow. The second task was to guess if an object’s usage of watts was higher or lower than the previous object. Pupils held the cards at the top of the class without revealing the answers until somebody guessed.

The lesson ended with the visitor answering a few of our questions. We found it a very enjoyable experience and would recommend it to other 5th classes.