Straw Towers by Abigail O’ Toole and Daniel Ajayi

Recently our class made straw towers in science. The tallest one was a staggering 1m 30cm high! That’s nearly half the size of the tallest man ever to live who was 2.72 m . Each group had 50 straws to build their towers the challenge was to get the highest tower using only the 50 straws that we had been given. We used masking tape to hold our structures together. The structures were flimsy and did not last that long but we managed to measure them on time. This was a fun experiment that really got our heads thinking. This experiment required teamwork and precision. We had to all work together to get this experiment to work.

We recommend this experiment to anybody that is looking for a challenge ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°). If you decide to try this experiment at home, in your class or with a child make sure to record your height and how long it stood. Up until a few days ago there was one standing at the back of our class although it was bent over it managed to stay strong and not break .

Tips and Tricks

1. We recommend that you double up the straw
2. To put a good base for the structure
3. Don’t use too much tape as it will weigh it down
4. Extend the straws to make them longer
5. Listen to your team mates ideas