We had a busy and eventful first term in room 9. Students have been working very hard in all curricular areas and we hope to continue this success for the rest of the year.

Some of our highlights include science experiments, cooking, Halloween fashion shows, athletics and English presentations on our chrome books.


The students have beaten their Dojo points goals and so were given the opportunity to cook rice krispie buns and chocolate apples for Halloween. Ms. Murphy was the main coordinator in the Breakfast Club kitchen. The students as you can see enjoyed the treat.


Students have really gotten into athletics in room 9. They competed in the ‘Run to Europe’ challenge and did very well. Students also took part in beep tests for P.E. They all beat their original records with some students even making it to level 9!

Halloween Fashion Show

Pupils put in a huge effort in room 9 into their costumes and spent the majority of a week working hard at them in school and at home with parents. It was a great occasion and all of the teachers were very impressed with the huge effort that was put in. Well done to all the parents and students involved!!

Chromebooks: Presentations and Posters

Room 9 students have gotten very tech savvy! They have used Google Classroom for class discussions, creating group presentations and making posters. Students worked on group PowerPoint presentations about traffic congestion and how to reduce it. They also made great posters displaying the importance of healthy lifestyles.

Science Experiments

Our first experiment this year was about the effect that Coca-Cola has on your teeth. Using an egg, cups and Coca-Cola students were able to see how it stains the egg as it does to teeth. We left the eggs in the Coca-Cola cups overnight and then we were able to brush the eggs clean with toothpaste and toothbrushes. Our next experiment will show the decomposing effect of compost. I will finish the post with some pictures of our young scientists at work.