Mount Seskin Fun Day

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On Friday the 17th of May we went to Mt. Seskin fun day it was lots of fun .

On Thursday we were told what teams we were on. There was a purple, blue , red and orange team. We got to wear clothes that were the same colour as our teams On Friday when we got into school we got ready to go.

We walked up to Mt. Seskin .When we got to the school some 1st year students met us and put face paint on us so they would know we were on their teams. We started chanting the colour of our teams we were on then separated into purple team 1 and 2 ect.

There were 4 bouncy castles. There was one like hungry hippos, a balance beam battle and 2 obstalce courses. We started on the hungry hippos, we had to get into a bungee thing and run into the middle to get a ball and the team with the most balls won.

Next we went to an obstacle course, we raced our friends and some 1st years raced us as well . After that we went to the balance battle even Ms. Lawlor and Antoinette gave it a try it was very funny.  I played Erin and she won then I played Nadine and I won!!!!

We then went to the obstacle course which was Scooby Doo theme it was the same as the Simpsons one.

At the end they called us over and thanked us for coming and talked about the school. We made our way back to school and many people went home early, the day was very fun.

We had a very good time, huge thanks to Mount Seskin.

by Abi and Erin