Please listen to our newest podcast below!

Hi everyone!  It’s Team Positive here again!

Here in Team Positive on the 6th Class corridor we are getting ready for a very special Well-being Week coming up before the Easter holidays.

Today we wanted to make a quick podcast about Lent.

Lent traditionally means that we decide to give something up for the forty days of Lent.  We give up things like sweets, chocolate, cake, crisps or junk food.  This is brilliant and for anybody in our school taking on this challenge for Lent we at Team Positive wish you the best of luck.

Today we wanted to tell you about forty things that you could try to do for Lent.  If you want to read this list it will be on our school website.  As we are a bit late, you could do two today!

Here we go!

  1. Give up television for one day.
  2. Ask an adult at home to take you to visit an elderly relative who does not get many visitors.
  3. Thank someone who has been a positive influence on your life.
  4. Do something healthy to take care of your body.
  5. Do something to help the earth.
  6. Genuinely complement someone who isn’t expecting it.
  7. Help an adult at home with a household chore.
  8. Sit quietly with your eyes closed for five minutes and concentrate on breathing in an out.
  9. Give up the internet for a day.
  10. Read a book or comic.
  11. Send a note of encouragement to someone in your class.
  12. Clean up a mess that someone else made (without complaining).
  13. Volunteer to help your teacher or SNA in your classroom.
  14. Pray for good things for someone who may have been unkind.
  15. Ask for forgiveness from someone who you have been unkind to.
  16. Surprise someone by doing a task or chore that they would normally do.
  17. Listen to some music while you get a task done that you have been putting off.
  18. Pray for someone in your life.
  19. Put your phone away for an entire evening at home.
  20. Talk to someone or invite someone to play with you who may be on their own on yard.
  21. Hold a door open for someone.
  22. Recycle your rubbish.
  23. Think about three things you are grateful for before going to sleep.
  24. Smile at someone in school who you don’t know very well.
  25. Tell someone a joke and make them laugh.
  26. Step up for someone in need.
  27. Learn to say ‘hello’ in a new language
  28. Make your own bed before leaving for school.
  29. Do something unexpected for a family member.
  30. Pick up some rubbish on the yard.
  31. Do a random act of kindness.
  32. Share your talents with others.
  33. Say a prayer before you go to sleep.
  34. Choose to drink water or milk instead of a sugary drinks for a day.
  35. Read to a younger child.
  36. Tidy your bedroom
  37. Stretch when you wake up in the morning.
  38. Make a special effort to use good manners all day.
  39. Say grace before meals.
  40. Remove devices from your bedroom for one night.

If you would like a printed copy of these for your classroom please ask any member of Team Positive.  We are going to try to do as many of these as we can over Lent, good luck if you are going to try too.

We will be back at the beginning of Well-being Week, so we will talk to you then!   BYE!!