Today in science we learned about gravity. Sir Isaac Newton discovered when he saw an apple fall and he thought ‘Why did it not go up instead of down?’.

Gravity is the force that pulls you down. If there was no gravity, your feet or anything would not be on the ground. \every object has gravity even space has gravity it is just not as strong. In space the gravity is not strong enough to pull you to the closest planet so you float. The moon has less gravity than earth, that’s why you can jump higher on the moon.

We also investigated how different objects fall and how something with the same surface area would fall at the same time even if they are the same weight. We then investigated how paper helicopters fell, and how it was different when we added extra weight to them.

By Melody

Here are some videos of our paper helicopters!

The Lungs

For science week we learned about the lungs. The lungs are what helps us to breathe in and out from our noses and our mouths. We are lucky because we don’t need to think to breathe. It just happens, taking in oxygen and breathing out carbon dioxide. Humans need oxygen to send to our cells and produce energy. A series of tubes brings oxygen to the lungs- including the nose, mouth, pharynx, larynx, trachea and bronchioles. 

Gas exchange takes place in little sacs in the lungs called alveoli surrounded by blood vessels.  On the outside the lungs are pink and rubbery and on the inside they are spongy. We also saw a video about lungs that were inflating in and out with helium, it was very satisfying to watch! 

After that we used balloons, red tape, and two straws and made our own lungs. It was good fun and a good topic to learn about!

By Terry