Monday 25/01/2021
English: Reasons to Write p. 36
Maths: Planet Maths – p.93 q B-D

Tuesday 26/01/2021
English:Reasons to Write – p.38 &39
Maths: Planet Maths – p.94 q. A,C,E

Wednesday 27/01/2021
English: Reasons to Write p. 40
Maths: Planet Maths – p.95 Questions A,B,C

Thursday 28/01/2021
English: Reasons to Write p. 41
Maths: Planet Maths – p.96 Questions A-C
SPHE: Mindfulness Matters p. 8 & 9

Friday 29/01/2021
English: Read three Chapters of your class novel and write a 1 page diary entry as the main character in your copy. Reasons to Write – p.41
Maths: Planet Maths – p.68 Questions B – D.
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Mr. Carroll, Ms. Connolly, Mrs. Murphy, Ms. Wilson & Ms. Kelly