Hello everyone, Happy New Year and welcome back!

If you are unable to login to Google Classroom, here is some work you can work on in your copies and books at home. If possible though please login to Google Classroom to complete the tasks so your teacher can view and correct your great work!

English; Exercise your English pg. 35 ‘ph’ words.
Maths; Planet Maths pg. 68 A & B.
S.E.S.E.; Unlocking S.E.S.E pg. 36 & 37, answer the checkpoint questions on pg. 37.

English; Exercise your English pg. 76 & 77, answer parts A, B & C.
Maths; Planet maths pg. 69 part A.
S.E.S.E.; pg 38 & 39, answer checkpoint questions on both pages.
S.P.H.E.; New Years resolutions; your goals for this year.

English; Narrative writing; write a narrative story based on one of your drawings.
Maths; Planet maths pg. 69 part B.
S.E.S.E.; Unlocking S.E.S.E. pg. 40 & 41, answer review questions on pg. 41.

If you are in Mr. Watson’s or Ms. Collins’ class remember to continue with 25 minutes of Accelerated reading each day. Remember to login in to Reading Eggs & Mathletics and try some exercise each day too – you can find some great exercise ideas here; https://www.stthomas.ie/kids-zone/health-fitness

We will have Google meets everyday from 12.30-1.00p.m., We hope to see you all there each day for a check in and a catch up 🙂

Mr. Daly, Mr. Watson, Ms. Guinan and Ms. Collins.