Hi 5th Class! If you cannot login to Google Classroom, here is some work you can complete in your copies or books at home. If possible, please login to Google Classroom to complete the tasks so we can give you feedback on all of your brilliant work 🙂

Monday 25th January
Maths – Planet Maths p.52 part B 1 – 15
English – Plurals, Exercise Your English p.91
Reading – Read library book for 15 minutes
Handwriting – 1 page in book

Tuesday 26th January
Maths – Length. Planet Maths page 92 A and B. Renaming units of measurement
English – Reasons to Write, p.17 and page 45. Apostrophes and Contractions
Music – Create your own Feel Good Playlist – write out a playlist with 10 songs that puts you in a good mood.
Book – Read 15 minutes

Wednesday 27th January
English – Reasons to Write page 66/67. How to Make Oatie Biscuits
Maths – Planet Maths page 92. Finding the perimeter.
SESE – Mahatma Gandhi Comprehension activity
Handwriting – 1 page

Thursday 28th January
English- Cloze Procedure (Mahatma Gandhi)
Maths- Planet Maths p. 53 Part C. Questions 1-15
Tables- x12 tables
Read at Home- Next Page
Handwriting- 1 page
Library Book- 20 minutes reading

Friday 29th January
English – Read at Home – complete the next page
Maths- Mad 4 maths page 5 Q1-7
Tables- x12 tables SESE- Mother Teresa fact file

Remember to follow the suggested timetable on the website if you can. Login in to Reading Eggs & Mathletics each day too.

We will have Google meets every day from 1:30 – 2:00p.m., We hope to see you all there each day.

Miss Griffin, Miss Cooney, Miss Glasheen and Miss Lawlor