If you can not access Google Classroom, here is some work you can try in your copies and books. If you can, log in to Google Classroom, where online videos explaining new material is being posted.

Monday 8th February

English – Reasons to Write p.70/71 How to Perform a Card Trick

Maths – Planet Maths Directed Numbers p.133 Part B

Handwriting – Complete one page


Tuesday 9th February

Maths – Planet Maths p.134 Part A

English – Reasons to Write page 72 – Write instructions for a Trick

Handwriting – 1 page


Wednesday 10th February

Maths – Planet Maths  p.134 Part B

English – EYE page 84 -Part A and B


Thursday 11th February

Maths – Planet Maths page 135 part A

English – EYE complete the next page. RTW page 69 abbreviations


Friday 12th February

Maths – Planet Maths revision, page 18 B and C

English – Free Writing: Write a story of your choice. If possible use a picture from the website Pobble365 for inspiration.

Miss Griffin, Miss Cooney, Miss Lawlor and Miss Glasheen