It’s been a very busy term in Room 8! We have been getting up to loads of different things.

We have been very busy doing lots of Maths this term! We have been practicing our addition, subtraction and long multiplication. We have also been learning about lines and angles and started using protractors for the first time this year. This week in school was Maths week and we learnt lots about 2D shapes this week, whilst also having lots of fun. Trapeziums, Tangrams and Tesellation are just some of the new words we’ve been using. We are also loving the Mathletics Drive this week for Maths week and some students in our class have featured on the country’s Hall of Fame.

In SESE we created projects on Ancient Greece. We researched all the information ourselves using the Chromebooks and our schoolbooks. We made lovely posters with all our information and presented them to the class. 

We have also been very active this term. We are participating in the Marathon Kids Programme. This is an 8 week programme where we go outside to run laps 4 days a week. Each week the distance increases slightly. By the end of the 8 weeks every child in our class will have run a full marathon!! We have also started swimming this term which we are thoroughly enjoying.

We have been doing loads of fun things like art and coding also! We loved using the Lego kits last week as our first class Dojo award. Ms. Treacy is really happy with all the hard work we have done so far. We all deserve a big rest over the Midterm Break!!!!

Happy Halloween from Room 8!!