Mango Madness

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What better way to cool down than making a delicious mango smoothie on a hot summer sports day! We’ve had brilliant fun during sports week, all the excitement had us craving a refreshing drink! Lennon is going to take over this post now to share how he and Jack made their nutritious specialty ‘Mango madness’ …

Hey Lennon here! Here’s our healthy smoothie recipe, it’s delicious (tops)!

Ingredients: mango, ice, banana, greek yoghurt, honey, and orange juice. you also need a food blender, cups and straws. first chop up banana. then measure out two cups of orange juice, 1 cup of yoghurt and a tablespoon  of honey. After that, put it all in the blender with the ice and fruit. Blend it altogether. Be careful, do not put your fingers inside!! Hope you enjoy!