On Friday we saw two out of our five butterflies emerge out of their chrysalides. They climbed out of their split chrysalis with their freshly new crumpled wings and then positioned themselves head upwards. This was so they could take their time to expand and dry their wings while they recover from this amazing transformation. 

After a few hours we could see our butterflies coiling and uncoiling their tongues, their wings were fully expanded and we knew they were ready to eat some food! We collected some flowers from the garden, cut up some orange slices and made sweet nectar mixing sugar and water. We were delighted to see our butterflies sipping up the food using their long tongues!

Over the weekend three more butterflies emerged, we will keep them and observe them for today. We will release Jasmine, Patrick the Savage, Dream, Wish and Jimbob into our school garden tomorrow, where they can lay their eggs and hopefully more caterpillars will emerge from their eggs. Click on the links below to see some videos of the butterflies after emerging and looking for food.