We have been doing the ALERT programme with Miss O’Leary and we have learned so much about our energy and moods and how to control them. Firstly we saw different types of cars, a car that’s running on high, a car that’s running on low and a car running on just right. The cars’ engines are kind of like our bodies; when a car is running on high it is fast, noisy, distracting and not appropriate and when we are running on high we are hyper, energetic, noisy and distracting; when a car is running on low it is slow, flat, sad and tired when we are running on low we are also tired, sluggish, yawning and sloppy. Lastly, when a car is running on just right it is steady, perfect speed, relaxed and tuned in. Also, when we are running on just right we are listening, patient, hard working and tuned in as well.

Next we learned about our 5 senses. Firstly, we learned about movement, we learned different exercises that we can do when we want to move and the best thing about them are that they are to be done in your seat so you don’t have to get up. Then we learned about taste: Miss O’Leary brought food in and we said the flavour and what our mouth was doing e.g. chewing, pulling etc. Then, we learned about sight. Miss O’Leary put videos on the board and we had to tell her how they affected our engines and the last thing we learned about was hearing. Miss O’Leary put songs on and just like sight we had to tell her how the songs affected our engines. We loved doing ALERT and we will miss it very much!!!

Bianca Tepordei (Rm 7)