Boys football match

On 01/04/22 the St.Thomas’ football team played against St.Aidan’s.
All the boys off both teams kept great attitude and great support and teamwork .

The weather the d\y of the match was sunny,cloudy and windy.

St.Thomas’ School were wearing blue and white and St.Aidan’s were wearing green and white.

At half time it was 50 50.

St.Aidan’s was Mr.Rennick’s old school.

There was 10 minutes left and St.Aidans scored a goal 1-0.

4 and a half minutes left we went all attack .

We could of scored a goal but let in another for St.Aidans.

St.Thomas’ had 2 corners in the first and the second half.
St.Aidans had really good chances.
In the end Aidan’s won 2-0 but the end St. Aidan’s and St.Thomas’ shook hands and no one was complaining that we lost which was good.

-Jessica Fitzpatrick & Rose Geoghegan 🙂