This week we had a wonderful writing workshop with Fighting Words. We composed the story below as a whole class with the help of the co-ordinator, Pierina. Our story was then published on the Fighting Words website! You can read it at this link or below. We are so proud of our finished piece and we’re inspired to keep creating!

The Time My Best Friend Betrayed Me

Image by Sam McAllister
The Time My Best Friend Betrayed Me

100 Years Project:
St. Thomas’ Senior National School, Tallaght, 4th Class,Fighting Words Wicklow, 04 May 2022

It was exactly one hundred years ago, the year of Haribo jellies, there was an alien called Bob. His head was so big that people of the world in 1922 thought that it was a balloon.

Bob was running around during yard time when his best friend, Calooney the Robot, rescued him from falling over and breaking is head.

Suddenly, they saw a time capsule falling from the sky. It hit Calooney in the head.

Image by Ellie McCarthy
The Time My Best Friend Betrayed Me

“Owwww, that hurt!” exclaimed Calooney.

“Ha ha, good for you, ya bagel,” replied Bob.

Just then, some juices from the Time Capsule soaked into Calooney’s circuits. They started to glitch out and a symbol appeared in their eyes.

“Lol,” laughed Bob when he saw the exclamation mark appear in Calooney’s eyes.

Unexpectedly, Calooney started to attack Bob. A war started between them. Bob was hidden in the corner of the school yard so not many other kids saw what was happening. But, the kids who did see what was happening, fainted and got brainwashed.

Image by Ellie McCarthy
The Time My Best Friend Betrayed Me

Bob got anxious and jumped into the time capsule. All of a sudden, the time capsule vanished with Bob in it.

He landed in 2022 in Room 26 where the students were making rockets. He was super confused. He had never seen something like this before.

“Wuuuuuuuuut!” the teacher let out a scream. “Ah! Get out of my class!”

Out of nowhere, Calooney appeared and he was extremely mad…