I am Calvin.
My Mam died last year.
I have three grown up brothers – David, Ryan and Darren.
I am Bailey.
I really like shopping and running.
I have one sister and a dog named Fred. I love my Mam and Dad and I love sugar too.
I am Ava.
I like food, especially hot dogs. I have two dogs and I love them so much.
I am Dylan.
I love to eat rice and Indian food mostly. I have two sisters and one brother. I play games a lot.
I am Daria.
I am from Ukraine.
I have one brother who is 2 and a sister who is 18.
I am Christopher.
I really like spice bags.
I have one sister.
I am Faith.
I like ice cream.
I have a little dog called Coco.
I am Eunice.
I really love drawing. I am from the Philippines. I have three brothers, El Jake, El Josh and EJ.
I like the weekends.
I am Emily.
I really like pizza.
My brother is called Shane. I like school. I have two dogs and my cousin is in this school.
I am Jamie.
I really like football and I play for Jobstown Celtic.
I am Gerard.
I really like sport and curry. I have a little brother and two sisters. My little brother’s name is Jake and my sister’s names are Shauna and Sinead.
I am Finn.
I really like football. I have one brother Feilim. I have a dog and I like pizza.
I am Lacey.
I love to paint and to bike.
I have one brother and two sisters. I play camogie and I am 8.
I am Kyle.
I am 8 years old.
I love my dogs and my teacher Ms Glasheen and my SNA. I like spice bags.
I am John.
I have a sister and brothers.
My best friend is Dylan.
I am Lexi.
I really like pizza and dogs. I have two sisters, Shauna and Bonnie. I like art a lot.
I am Layla.
I am from Dublin.
I am 8 years old.
I am Laragh.
I love Fridays because I always get pizza.
I really like coming to school because I get to see my friends.
I like school so much.
I am Poppie.
I really like football and I have six sisters and three brothers.
I am Orsaine.
I love pizza and swimming.
I have four brothers and two sisters and I am 8 years old.
I am Madisyn.
I like gymnastics and pizza. I love dogs and cats and singing.