In the first of a series of posts from our student bloggers here in Room 16, Princess Kamara asks if we should return to online learning now that Covid case numbers are on the rise.

Should We Go Back To Online School?

As we all know, the spread of Covid is becoming worse; most Covid cases are coming from students who go to school.  Here are a few points on why I think schools should close.

  • Covid is spreading a lot through schools. Closing schools would make cases of Covid lower.
  • Online school is quicker and easier. School is nearly six hours long while online school takes at least 3-4 hours including your work and the Google Meet video calls.
  • Many people already want schools to close, and have been asking the Government already. I think the opinions of our people should be heard by the Government.
  • Wearing masks and sanitizing our hands isn’t fixing anything about the spread of Covid. Staying at home is an easier option.

And here are a few reasons why we shouldn’t go back to online school.

  • Using Google Docs/Slides can be harder for some people. They might also prefer writing instead.
  • Sanitizing our hands, cleaning our tables and wearing masks can prevent the spread of Covid as long as we’re doing it correctly.
  • School is where most people see their friends. Closing schools will prevent them from seeing their friends, especially if they can’t text/call each other or meet up outside school.
  • Staying at home drains our knowledge. Kids forget how to do simple stuff that they used to be able to do before like short division/multiplication.

Those are all the points I have for you. 

Which side are you on?

Stay safe and have a good day/night.

-PK from Rm. 16