Hello everyone!

Last week, we were extremely busy in the Nurture Room trying out a new Art technique. We learned how to create a marble painting. It was so easy! First, we started with a big tub for our water so that we wouldn’t get our clothes dirty. Next we had our A3 sheets of paper ready at the side. 

Slowly we dropped in dots of marbling ink into the tub. We took turns and made sure to spread the dots all around the tub. Then we each got a turn to use a wooden stick to spin the ink together. Once the tub was ready, we placed our sheet of paper into the water for a few seconds. It was like magic! The colours from the water transferred onto the paper and when we lifted it out…. we had created beautiful artwork!

We each got a turn to make two sheets each, we topped up the ink colours, stirred it around and made a total of 9 paintings in our session that day.

We are so proud of our artwork, that we have created a display board outside the Nurture Room on the 3rd class corridor. Please stop by and see our hard work!