All of the Junior Librarians were lucky enough to get to go on their first outing to Tallaght Library today, and what a fun visit they had! The children were accompanied by Ms. Flynn, and they had a wonderful time learning about how to organise and keep our own library looking fabulous!

Here is a picture of Daniela Pop and Shane Reid (6th Class, Room 17) Looking like they were having a great time.

Here is what Daniela wrote about the day;
“On Thursday, the 21st of September, the junior librarians took a visit to Tallaght library. At 9:45 we got called to go up to the office where the bus would collect us with our lunch bags and coats.
We all got on the bus and started our journey, it was a short bus ride. When we got off the bus, we walked into Tallaght library and Emma, the librarian, was waiting for us at the desk. We all said hello and she took us to the u12’s section where we all sat down, she explained about what we were going to do.

Firstly, Emma brought us on a tour of the whole library, it was huge! She showed us the 3D printer, the tablets, the upstairs and the meeting room. The meeting room was fun, we got to go inside and see the boards where they explained stuff and where they sat down. In the meeting room there was another room beside it. It was a computer room, we got to see the computers and in the computer room there was another 3D printer, they showed us how logos are made in that machine. Then we went to this mini library, there were a lot of Christmas books. When we got out we took a picture and ate lunch. After we ate lunch we went upstairs, there were a lot of computers, we then went down stairs and played in the library with the interactive screens and Lego.
Afterwards we did a scavenger hunt around the library. We were allowed to take a book of our choice home with us. We then got the bus back to school, it was a lot of fun!”
By Daniela Pop.