On Friday the 12th of May we went to the D.S.P.C.A. with Ms. Glasheen’s class. Before we went both classes did a project about different animals and how to care for these animals. We wanted the D.S.P.C.A. to have a booklet filled with children’s ideas about caring for pets. We met Anne, Orla and Shauna who worked there and they explained more about animal care and protecting the environment. After this, we visited the rabbits, goats (Silly Billy and Yoghurt), dogs, cats, sheep and the horses. When we were finished we went back to the bus to come back to school, BUT got a great surprise when we went to Marlay Park for lunch and a visit to the playground! We were so happy and excited. When we got back to school, it was home time and we thanked Mr. Rennick for letting us go on a trip and having a fantastic day!