We took a trip to Kilmainham Jail. After our tour, we went to a park while we had lunch. After lunch, we went and played football for 15 minutes outside the IMMA museum. We spotted a Shamrock Rover captain superstar, who has been playing for many years. He has scored a good amount of goals while playing in the Afcon Nations Cup and in the World Cup. He has won 4 league of Ireland titles in a row in the best division in the country. We were lucky enough to meet him because no one else spotted him out. We got loads of nice photos and conversations and he was very nice to talk to us about football. He asked us if we are going to the match on Friday since we’re both season ticket holders. He said he will look out for us at the match. That’s the story of how we met the superstar, Pico Lopez. Check out some of our pictures.

~ Ben Deering and Lee Kinsella