Room 9 with permission from Esther have been given the responsibility of looking after the potato bed. This coincides with our SESE topic soil. After doing lots of research into soil layers, soil fertility and the life cycle of a potato we went out to the school garden to start our work. As it is too early to plant the potatoes we made sure the soil is ready by tilling it with various garden tools. Students loved getting their hands dirty and digging up the soil. Then we placed manure on top of it. Students followed directions from Esther and also helped to weed parts of the garden. Before we left the gardens students collected soil samples in their SESE groups. Each group collected two samples from different areas of the garden. We went inside we poured water through the soil samples using plastic cups and holders to test soil drainage and absorption. Room 9 students are really getting into their SESE. We will update you on the potatoes soon!