This year we are celebrating Grandparent’s Day in our school on 2nd February.

Here are some things that the children of Room 18A said about their grandparents.

“My Granda is a very kind man and he teaches me and my three cousins how to play together.  My Granda is very good at the guitar.”

“A Nanny and Granda to me is something special that help me all the time.  My Nanny and Granda gives me lots of things and they also help me with my homework.  My Granda plays football with me.”

“My Nanny is very kind and sweet she loves to watch movies with me and loves to bring me shopping with her.”

“My granddad is kind and loves to watch my football matches, he comes every two weeks and buys me clothes and gives me money when I score a goal. He is the best!”

“My nanny brings me to the shop with her of if she is sick I will go for her.  And my Nanny sometimes need to go to the hospital because her back is always at her.  I love my nanny so so much.”

“My Grandparents are the best in the world, my Nana is really the best.  I love her and she loves me.  I would do anything for her love you so much Nana.”

“My Nanny is a person who gives me money and my Grandad is a person who gives me time and is kind to me.  We do fun things on the weekend.  They pick me up from school sometimes.”

“A Grandparent to me is your Nanny or Granda that looked after your Ma or Da when they grew up with them, fed them, looked after them and loves them and also loves you too and they are lovely people.”

“She minds me a lot. I go to her house after school. she brings me to the shop and buys me sweets.”

“My grandparents bring me to the beach, go to the park, play games , watch tv and dvds with me, make jokes, clean the garden and have bbq parties, Christmas dinner, birthday, easter parties and Halloween trick or treating.”