Hello from all the boys and girls in room 5.

We’re here to tell you what’s been happening so far this year in our class. In January some of our parents started to come in and do Maths for Fun with us. Check out the pictures to see what games we played.

In February we went to the National Concert Hall. We listened to some music and sang some songs. The best songs were the pig rap, I’m an Indian too and Woody’s Round-up!

We also made St. Brigid’s Day crosses with Eileen and used magnets to find out what things in our room are attracted or repelled by magnets

Just before mid-term we had a special visitor. His name was Eric. He came in to tell us all about birds. He showed us different feathers and he let us hold and feel them. We learned that some birds fly high in the sky while some fly closer to the ground.

Did you know that a swan has 25,000 feathers!

Check out our classroom window for more bird facts and pictures.

Thanks for reading our post on our school website!