Dear Diary: Today was the first day of active schools week. We did lots of activities. At 10:00 am we lined up for our first activity. When we got to the area for our sport we knew it was boxing. We started with a warm up. Then the boys went outside to do an obstacle course and the girls boxed bags.

Boxing clever!

After break we went hurling with Mr Fitzgerald. On the way down from the astro we did our 1 kilometre worth of laps each. Just before big break we went to a taekwondo demonstration given by Jack and Ryan Woolley and their friend Louise. We learned Korean words I can’t even spell!!


Dear Diary: Today was Tuesday and the second day of active Schools week. As you know yesterday we did boxing, Hurling and Taekwondo and I thought that it couldn’t get any better than that. I was proven wrong today when we went to cricket. I REALLY enjoyed it. My favourite position by far was the batter. I felt confident that I would hit the ball. After break we went to do our kilometre of running. Next it was time for novelty games. First was the three-legged race that I wasn’t too confident about. Me and Paul came last in that one. In the other two races I came last and fourth. In the novelty game finals we had two wins. Eoghan won the egg and spoon and the class won the tug of war.

Teachers V Parents tug of war!


Dear diary: Today was Wednesday and the third day of active schools week. Between the first two days the top two things were cricket and boxing. So today we had three activities and the first one I wasn’t very pumped about. It was hip hop and I didn’t enjoy any of it. Next was referee talk with Tommy Traynor.

Top Ref-Tommy Traynor says it as it is!

He talked to us about the 18 laws of football and who he met as a referee. I really enjoyed it. Just before the end of the day there was an unexpected change. We went up to the astro to play football. I really enjoyed it. Me Cian, Leanne and Megan were undefeated. DIARY OF A SPORTY KID DAY 4:

Dear diary: Today was Thursday and the most FRUSTRATING day of active schools week. Today was     supposed to be a good weather day and we had two activities I was looking forward to-Chess and FAI soccer. Ok so after little break we started chess.

Active minds!!

Me and Adaora thought we were going to be demolished by Christy, the school chess teacher, but if we were going by points we would have won. He took our knight and we took his queen. I was happy with the result. We were supposed to be playing football before the end of the day but due to bad weather it was cancelled. We did manage to squeeze in our laps.




DEAR DIARY: Today was the last day of active schools week “AAAAH” but the weekends almost here “YEAHH”!! I hoped it would be the best day and it didn’t disappoint. Our first activity was gymnastics. I was afraid I was going to break my back or something like that. Actually I really enjoyed it we did cartwheels, rolls and flips. Soon after a few people and Mr. knight went out to do some cycling. When they came back we had lunch and then went to the swimming pool which I really enjoyed. At the end of the day we had a GAA super brawl with Ms. S Beirne’s class. It ended 2-2 to 2-2- a draw!! We finished an active Active Schools Week by running our final laps of the week-Diary bye and thank you.


BY CALUM GORMAN. Room 9.       FRIDAY 14/6/13

Active Schools week 2013