On Monday 24th June, Eimhin returned to the Junior Reading Unit to continue work on our animation of The Lost Lands.

First, Eimhin showed us the final story boards and read through a short script. Next came the fun part! We decided to concentrate on one scene, the pie eating contest. We made Marshmallow Man, Joanne and the snake from clay and the lollipop man was an actual lollipop! When we made Joanne and Marshmallow Man, we had to make three faces and only one body. This was because we were going to be doing substitute animation. That is when you change one face for another to show different expressions and moods. We also used card board, paper and lollipop sticks to create the background.

After lunch, Eimhin had set up the scene so we could start recording. There was a camera connected to the laptop that would take photos of our scene. It takes 25 photos to make just one second of film so it took a while! We moved the characters arms, faces and bodies to make it look like they were moving.

We had a fantastic day and can’t wait for Wednesday when we will be recording the audio!

Keep an eye on the website for the finished animation!

Finished Story Boards

Marshmallow Man


Substitute Animation

Marshmallow Man


Setting up the scene


Let’s get animating!