The Garden Party 2013

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On the 18th of June we had our 4th annual Garden party.  And it was our most succsessful  yet. The staff and parents put a lot of work into preparing the stands and making the food. There was music, food, raffles and a scarecrow competition.

The scarecrows included, Coraline, Willy Wonka, Usain Bolt, Go Compare man, Homer Simpson, Moo I’m a Zebra, Mad Hatter, Violet Borigard, Will Smith, Psy, Sir Arthur of Jobstown,  Mario, Mrs Brown, Recycle Man and Captain Hook. Mr Campbell’s class won with their entry of Willy Wonka.

People from all over the community were invited to come in and have a great look around. We also rose our 3rd green flag.

There were lots of stands like… The Green school stand, The identify the tree stand, Make a Mr. Potato man stand, the butterflies stand, the pets stand, the Student Council stand, the compost stand, the Willy Wonka stand, the sun flower stand and not forgetting the food stand 😉 Ms. Farrels Mandolin club played at the party and the choir sang also.  Then sadly at 1:00 pm it ended and the big clean up began.

Thanks to everyone for a great day!

By Jordan O’Toole and Sophie Grogan