All About India

This month we have been learning all about India. In our pods, we completed projects on food, culture, plants and animals, clothing, climate, geography of […]

Cór Fhéile 2018

The choir travelled to the National Basketball Arena to participate in CórFhéile 2018. They sang 3 songs: Beidh Aonach Amarach, Yesterday by the Beetles and […]

1916 in Room 14

  We are learning all about the 1916 Easter Rising. Here are our projects. We wrote fact files about important people in the Rising and […]

Write a Book by Room 14

A Witch in Time by Sophie Timmins “Banana split please!”said Emily excitedly into her ipad float. “And I’ll have a triple chocolate fudge Sundae please!” […]


This month we did a project on Brazil. We learned lots about Brazil. Brazil is a very interesting country.  We have learned about all the […]