Here is come recount writing that we composed together in class. We used interesting connecting words at the start of each paragraph!

Our School Tour
On June 17th 2016, we went on our 4th class school tour to Tayto Park. Tayto park is located in Co.Meath. All of 4th class went together with Ms Guinan, Mr Campbell, Ms Flynn, Ms Hayes, Ms Brodrick, Mr McLean, Ms Barry, Ms Kelly, Ms Keirnan, Lil and Helena.
Early that morning, before 9am, we gathered in our classrooms. The buses arrived and we all boarded them. The journey took us about one hour. The bus took a wrong turn along the way, which delayed us a little.
Once we arrived, our tour guides met us at the buses. They brought us inside the theme park. We were so excited when we saw Cuchulainn for the first time. Some people said “I’m not going on that!!!”
Shortly after that, we broke up into class groups with our teachers and we started the zoo tour. We saw baby monkeys, owls, meercats, chickens, llamas, wallaby, lions, goats, buffalos, different birds and many more.
It wasn’t long before it was time for lunch. We walked to the restaurant and sat at big circular tables. There was a wide selection of food to choose from. You could have chicken goujons, sausages, burger, pizza or pasta all accompanied by chips. We got Capri Suns to drink. We thought it was delicious and we were very full after it all.
Before it was time to try out the rides, we had to listen to some safety rules. The tour guides gave us two tokens each. We broke into small groups with our friends. We went on the Cuchulainn rollercoaster, the Rotator, AirRace, the Zipline, Rock climbing, the 5D cinema, the Claw and the Sky Eagle slide. The teachers even went on the rides. Ms Guinan said it was really scary!
Straight after the rides, we gathered at the big green Tayto man and headed to the Tayto factory. Some people saw the crisps being crushed and packaged. Outside the Tayto factory, we found a Vortex Tunnel. It felt like we were spinning around as we walked through it. It made us feel dizzy. Some people liked it more than others.
Sadly, the time came to an end and we had to go back to the bus. Ms Guinan collected bags of Tayto crisps for all the children on the way out the gate. We felt exhausted on the journey home, but very happy that we had a splendid day! We would highly recommend Tayto Park as a school tour. Some of us have returned already!