A Witch in Time

by Sophie Timmins

“Banana split please!”said Emily excitedly into her ipad float.

“And I’ll have a triple chocolate fudge Sundae please!” shouted Gran from the park bench.

“One banana split and one triple  chocolate fudge Sundae on their way,”replied Buzz.

Buzz was the ipad float. Suddenly the two ice creams appeared out of the screen.

Gran and Emily walked for a half an hour eating their ice creams and finally went home when it started to rain.

It was back to school for Emily the next day. She loved school but she didn’t  like the school’s bully Sarah.

Sarah used people to do stuff for her. She was very mean but when the teacher was around she was so sweet it was all fake though.

They were doing a project in school and they had to get information on their families’ past. Emily knew just the person, Gran. Gran was the great old age of 136. The reason she lived this long is down to medicine, good food and just life in general. Back when Gran was really young people only lived to about 90. Emily learned a lot from Gran and went into school the next day with her head full  of knowledge.

Emily wished she could go back to see how gran lived as a young girl. Emily was always into science and was great at it.

“Maybe I can!” boasted Emily.


Everyday when she went home from school she tried and tried to figure out a way to go back in time but nothing worked for her. She’d had enough. But Gran always said to never give up. So Emily kept on trying. She was getting stressed. Sarah recognised it and started giving her a hard time. But she was the kind of person to never give up.


One day after school Gran told Emily to sit down, she needed to tell her something.Gran looked very worried. Emily knew when something was wrong with Gran. Gran went on about how she had family that were witches. Before Gran could say anything eles Emily ran upstairs and slammed her door. The only reason she was so angry at Gran was that Emily and Gran never kept secrets from each other. Usually it was just silly things but this time it was a big and most definitely not silly. Gran felt so bad for not telling Emily but if Emily finds out the rest of what Gran needs to say, God knows what she’d do.

Emily lay on her bed.

“That must be why I never met my Mam’s family only Gran and Grandpa,”thought Emily.

Emily’s mother Fiona her father Henry and her grandpa Jack were in a terrible car accident last year and none of them made it out alive. Gran went upstairs to talk to Emily.

“Is that why I never met your family?”cried Emily.

“That and there’s something else I need to tell you, I’m a witch too,”replied Gran. “My family and I had a big argument long long ago and I’m afraid of what they could do to you because I knew you’d want to go see them,” explained Gran.

“The truth is that I don’t know where they actually are. We lost touch long long ago!”

“Oh so all along you were just trying to protect me?”

“That’s all,” answered Gran.

“Oh I’m so sorry Gran for storming off. It’s just we never keep anything from each other,”apologised  Emily.

“I know sweetie pie, it’s ok,”replied Gran.

“I love you!” said Emily politely.

“I love you too!” yawned Gran.

For the rest of the night they just sat down ate food and watched movies.

That night Emily had a dream. It was that she’d went back 100 years to when her gran was young.

It was a great dream.


The next morning she was woken by a loud noise, something like church bells  but not quite. She couldn’t make out what it was so she looked out the window and to her surprise her dream actually came true. Emily was astonished! She hopped up out of bed and managed to fall over a box. Emily decided to take a look inside the box. Inside there was a letter from Gran explaining how she got to where she was. Gran had used her powers to bring Emily back 100 years.

Emily was so excited but also confused as to why gran didn’t come too.


For the whole day Emily searched around the place. Everything was so different and you had to do everything yourself. For example if u wanted food you had to walk and ask somebody behind a counter and wait for so long. Emily ordered McDonalds. She got nuggets chips and coke. She had to wait about 10 minutes which was very long for Emily considering the iPad float only took about 30 seconds. Emily had a great day but she also missed Gran. Emily decided to see if she could go onto Instagram to text Gran(yes gran was on instagram) and she found that she actually could. They chatted for awhile. Gran told Emily a lot about Jobstown back in 2018,she told her what food to try ,where and where not go visit and much more. As the days went on Emily wondered how she was going to go home.


Emily was shopping in the Square for a while but suddenly needed to go to the bathroom she was only getting used to this place so she was kind of lost. She was trying to find any kind of sign or something when she bumped into this gorgeous boy. He was tall,handsome,blue eyed and had the nicest smile ever.

“Hi I’m Luke,you seem to be lost can I help you?” asked the young boy.

Emily just looked at him. He was handsome and all but back then they dressed so different. They wore jeans,t-shirts,tracksuits and the girls wore very little clothing.

“Oh hi, I’m Emily. I’m looking for the toilets.”

“Follow me,” replied Luke.

Emily remembered what Gran wrote on the letter,it said to not tell anyone she time travelled because if she did it would for sure go viral and if the witches from Gran’s family found out they’d hunt her down.

The boy showed Emily where the toilets were.

“I’ll see you around,” waved Luke.

The toilets kind of smelled.

Emily went home, well to this little cottage thing she was staying in.

She kept on seeing Luke around. They started hanging around with each other. They went to the movies a couple of times and Luke brought her to famous places in Ireland. They got along so well but Emily felt something she’d never felt before. It was love. She loved everything about Luke and couldn’t bare the thought of letting him go. How would Emily get home? She hated lying to Luke. Later that night Gran and Emily were on the phone.

“Gran,how can I get home?” questioned Emily.

“Ye about that, this is why I rang you. I kind of don’t think I can do that,” worried Gran.


She asked Gran if she could tell one person because she really trusted him. “Maybe he could help Gran, please” pleaded Emily.


Gran said ok under one condition that no one else found out. The next day Emily told Luke to sit down she needed to talk to him,it was a little like Gran and Emily’s chat.

“Ok ,this might sound weird but um, my Gran is a witch and she let me time travel back in time to here today. I really live in 2118 and right now it’s 2018.” explained Emily.

“Wait what ,you time traveled?” questioned Luke.

“Yes,” answered Emily.

Emily imagined  Luke shouting at her but he actually thought it was cool.

“When you go back can I please come with you?” asked Luke.

“About that,I don’t know how to get back,” revealed Emily.

“I do, my aunty is a witch she can help us get back!” boasted Luke.

“Really?” questioned Emily in amazement.

“Ye she’s actually coming home from England  today at seven!” explained Luke.


They waited and waited for Luke’s aunty Jenna to come home.

She finally got  home at about eight .

They had a great talk and Jenna finally decided to help but she needed her friend  Kate to help. Emily and Luke went to go get spice bags to fill the time while they waited – Emily never tried one.

Back at home Jenna and Kate were talking.

“I know who that girl is she’s my niece!” whispered Kate.

“What?” squealed Jenna.

They decide to still go through with it .

When they finished their food up they started the spell.

Suddenly they both fell to the ground.

When they woke up they were back in 2118.

They both had the same dream about what it would be like to time travel to 2118.

When they went in to surprise Gran that they were back home she was on the couch and she wasn’t breathing.

They went to the hospital.

Gran didn’t make out alive.

They never found out what happened to her.

Emily had lost everything she had.

Luke was so helpful. He was there for her through thick and thin.

They were watching a movie and Emily started crying Luke gave her a hug and suddenly they kissed.

It was awkward from then on but it didn’t ruin their friendship nothing ever would .

But there was something major wrong with Luke. He was old,wrinkled and so ugly.

He had turned 100 years older.


But how did it happen ????????