Our class, Room 8, had a visit from a man called Mouse today. We are so lucky as he is going to be visiting all of the 5th classes this year. He is going to be teaching us about wildlife and nature. He gave us a quiz about what we knew about wildlife and then showed us a picture of a cow on a beach! It looked funny. He told us he is going to be teaching us about animals in their natural environment. After that, we identified some birds and trees, and then talked about the differences between red and grey squirrels. Mouse then showed us loads of pictures of insects (invertebrates) and one that we really remember is the ‘Poop-bug’ which lets out a smelly gas to protect itself from predators. It’s also known as a shield-bug. We are really looking forward to learning lots more exciting and interesting things with Mouse this year. We hope you enjoy looking through our pictures!