Grandparents Day in Room 16

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Our grandparents came to visit us for grandparents day.

There was a great turn out and we had lots of fun. We also presented a rap to them. It was called ‘Gran can you rap?’  Here are some pictures.


Lee’s grandparents and his mother came to our class

So did Luke’s grandmother

Yinka’s great grandmother also came to visit

Conor’s grandparents also came

Jade’s grandmother also came to this special occasion

We had a great time listening to their old stories about school and we also showed them our FIS films that we had made over the past few years.

We learned so much about school for them and how much it has changed over a couple of years.

We also really appreciated the time that they took from their days to come to visit us.

We had a great time and really enjoyed our last grandparents day before we go to secondary school.

By Lee Hyland and Luke Whelan