Sr. Mauras Visit

On Thursday Sr. Maura came to tell us about World War 2.She was 4 when it started. We learned about lots of things that we don’t do anymore like asking our neigbhours for money or food. They had to use coupons to buy things like soap, shoes and food. They only had a small amount of food. They had to go into the little house when the sirens went off in case they were bombed . It was called an air raid shelter. When Sr. Maura’s mum spent all the coupons on her sister’s shoe’s they went to their next door neighbour for extra coupons. And when they are finished they would have given the coupon back. They were very friendly with their neighbour’s. They played games in the olden days games like snakes and ladders, kick the can and lots of other games. They used chalk to write at school and had to write neatly. Sometimes they would go up to their teacher and ask is my hand writing neat and the teacher would not answer. Every morning the teacher would test their tables and their Irish. For the tables she would ask maybe 4+5 or 90+10. For the Irish she would ask what is ‘I will come’ in Irish and so on. If you got it wrong you had to go to the end of the line but if you got it right you got to sit down on your seat.

We learned a lot of things from Sr. Maura.

By Temi in Rm 23.