We had a great time up in Mount Seskin today making muffins for Mother’s Day.

First we read the ingredients and made sure we had everything ready.

 photo DeborahCoughlan320_zps731db7bb.jpg
 photo DeborahCoughlan318_zps78c43ab1.jpg

Then we washed our hands.

 photo DeborahCoughlan319_zps4992044b.jpg

We then started mixing the margarine and sugar. This was hard work and made our arms tired!

 photo DeborahCoughlan324_zps9ae2ff5d.jpg
 photo DeborahCoughlan323_zps7727964c.jpg

We then added the eggs and the flour and mixed well again. We put them in a baking tray and popped them in the oven for 20 minutes while we washed up. They came out smelling delicious!

 photo DeborahCoughlan325_zps6516b518.jpg

When they were cool, we decorated them with pink icing and sprinkles! We hope we won’t be too tempted to eat them all up before Mother’s day!

 photo DeborahCoughlan326_zps905e31c0.jpg