At our assembly this month we read out a poem by Madeline Napier.  We adapted it a little bit.  We

thought you all might like to read it.

It’s Easy to be Good in School

It’s easier to be good in school than it is to be bad

If you only knew the energy I have to add

The effort it takes for me to keep shouting out

I should have put my hand up because when its time to play I go without

It takes ages for me to refuse to do my task

When if I needed help all I had to do was ask

And then out on the yard I fuss and fight

When it would be so much easier to be polite

Come the afternoon I distract the lesson to get a laugh

Then miss sends me off to another member of staff

When it’s time to go home my teacher is not happy

So she tells my ma and ma gets snappy

So tomorrow I think I’ll try and be good

Because I know deep down I really could.

Madeline Napier