We have been learning all about the Normans this month in room 5. We designed our own Norman shields and created and painted Norman castles using cardboard boxes and toilet rolls.

Did you know?

  • The Normans were descendants from the Vikings and came from Normandy in France.
  • The King of England sent them to Ireland to help Dermot McMurrough, the King of Leinster.
  • They wore chain mail and used lances, battle axes, swords and shields as weapons.
  • They built Motte and Bailey Castles as well as Stone Castles in Ireland, some of which can still be seen today.
  • They brought many new ideas to Ireland, especially in the area of farming and the taught us how to make hay!

Have a look at our Norman Art!

 photo November2012029_zps0129cd02.jpg

 photo November2012027_zpsaaf8696e.jpg