For Science week, we tried out some experiments.
The first thing we looked at was gravity as a force and how gravity pulls us towards the ground because gravity pulls us to the centre of the Earth, the core. The experiment was called ‘Can you balance?’ In order to balance when you are standing your centre of gravity should be over your feet. When you are sitting your centre of gravity is over the chair so if you want to stand up it is almost impossible without leaning forwards.

The experiments were:
1. Sitting straight up on a chair with our arms down beside us. Then we tried to get up without leaning forward which proved to be more difficult than we thought!
2. Standing with our back and heels against the wall, we had to pick up a piece of blu tack in front of us without bending our knees.
3. Standing with our feet apart with one foot, one shoulder and our head against the wall, we had to try and raise our other leg. This was much harder than it looked!!
4. Standing with our two feet apart with our feet, both shoulders and head against the wall, we had to lift one leg. Again, this was much harder than it looked!!

The other experiment was based on balancing a clown by using the correct weights to balance it’s nose on our finger.

We had great fun and learned a lot about gravity!