One hot day on the planet Jupiter there were two alien friends. Jupiter was an unusual place. The buildings were made of bright, squashy marshmallows. The aliens could hear the candy leaves rustling in the warm wind. The mud was soft and muddy beneath their feet. The grassy parts were like a bouncy trampoline. Colourful birderflies- a bird/butterfly- were flying around in the red sky. Zuki and Zog could smell sweet chocolate. Sweet chocolate rabbits. ‘Yum’ they thought.
Zog and Zuki looked around to see where the delicious smell was coming from. ‘Over there’ shouted Zog. “They are drinking hot chocolate from the fountain’
‘We better be quiet’ whispered Zuki. The two aliens crept over towards the unknowing rabbits. All of a sudden there is a loud crack. Zuki looked down at his feet. He had stood on a large candy branch. The rabbits turned around in surprise. ‘Oh-oh’ squeaked Zog. The rabbits started to panic and dashed down into their rabbit holes. ‘I’m going to catch those bunnies’ roared Zuki. ‘One, two three run!!’ ‘I can’t wait to see if they are made of caramel’ squealed Zog excitedly.
Zog and Zuki jumped into the hole after the rabbits. They grabbed them and scoffed them up. ‘I’m so thirsty’ cried Zuki. ‘I’m so full’ moaned Zog. All of a sudden there was a massive bang. Zog and Zuki turn around. They could see dark green eyes glowing in the light. Their sharp claws and teeth frightened them. ‘I think we better run’ called Zog.
Zuki could hear one of the rabbits in the distance. He said ‘I am going to catch those silly Aliens!’
Zog and Zuki climbed out of the rabbit hole and begin to flee. ‘Help, Help!’ yelled Zuki. Zog turned around to find Zuki stuck in a pile of sticky bubble gum. ‘What am I going to do!’ screamed Zog. He looked around to see could he find something to drag Zuki out. Beside the yellow candy tree Zog found a long liquorice rope. He grabbed it and threw it to Zuki. ‘Eat your way up, it will pull you out’ yelped Zog. Zuki did as he is told and he was free. They could still hear the rabbits coming in the distance. ‘We need a plan’ whispers Zuki.
By 4th class. Room 22.

Our story continued….
Zog and Zuki rushed to a nearby shop to hide from the various creatures behind them. Just then Zog had an idea. ‘Look!There is a microwave and a puppet shop! We can trick the bunnies!’
An hour later the plan was in place. ‘The bunnies are coming!’ yelped Zuki. ‘Quick, get ready!’ shouted Zog. Zog and Zuki watched the bunnies run to their unknowing doom. Zog was ready to close the door. Slam! Zuki pressed the button and all the terrified bunnies began to melt.
By Emma

‘I have a plan’ snorted Zog. ‘Let’s trick them with a girl rabbit puppet!’ ‘Yeah’ shouted Zog.
Zuki bought a female puppet while Zog set the microwave trap. Zuki ran towards the rabbits in order to get them to chase him. He jumped out of the way and the rabbits ran into the microwave. ‘Close the door quick!’ shouted Zog.
Zog turned on the microwave. ‘Let’s make caramel hot chocolate! Yum!’
By Tosin

Zog and Zuki ran into the pranks shop looking for places to hide until the rabbits were gone. Suddenly Zog had a plan. Zog bought a huge microwave. Zuki ran in front of it. ‘Hey crazy rabbits’ Zuki screamed. He jumped away and the rabbits ran into the microwave. They turned it on. Zog and Zuki enjoyed delicious hot chocolate.
By Kamaal

Zuki and Zog ran into a shop. They looked around. They spotted a carrot puppet. They bought it along with a microwave. They put the carrot puppet in the microwave. The rabbits saw the carrot and ran in after it. Zog slammed the door. ‘Turn it onto the highest number!’ wailed Zuki.
The open the door and make caramel hot chocolate. ‘Hey Zog was that liquorice red or black?’ Suddenly Zog felt sick.
By Desmond

Just then Zog and Zuki saw a puppet shop. The puppet shop was right beside a microwave shop. They bought a gigantic microwave and went into the puppet shop and got a puppet. They went into the middle of the street. Zog and Zuki went into the middle of the street. They put the puppet in the microwave. The chocolate bunnies got distracted and they ran into the microwave. Zuki shut the door and turned it on. The chocolate bunnies melted and Zog went into a nearby shop. He came back with two mugs. Zog and Zuki made caramel hot chocolate. Yum.
By Tori