“The Ballerina”

Have a look at Room 24’s Impressionist pictures. I chose to do a dancing Ballerina. I used colourful pastels. I like my picture because the Ballerina looks like she is really dancing on the stage and having fun. It would be great to be just like her!

By Niamh Valentine





A Rainy Day in Paris

This is my picture of A Rainy Day in Paris. The people are dressed in black. They are running to get out of the rain. I like my picture because I can see the reflections in the puddles.

By: Brandon Doyle


“Under The Umbrella”

We were learning about “The Impressionists”. They inspired us to create these pictures using chalks pastels and paints. The Impressionists based their painting s on light and the things around them. Many of them liked to paint outdoors. Most impressionists used so much paint that it made their paintings look 3D. When you stand close to the painting it looks like messy blobs of paint but when you stand back they are amazing! We studied “Edgar Degas” and “Pierre Auguste Renoir”. 

By. Sophie Singleton


“Les Parapluies”