On Monday St Thomas’ SNS competed against St.Mark’s SNS in a debating competition. Our school’s representatives were Aoife (Rm 12), Mojirade (Rm 12), Adam (Rm 9), Lauren (Rm 7) and Chloe (Rm 14).

Our topic was “Homework is a Waste of Time”. We were against the motion.

We prepared the classroom on Monday as our school was hosting. Our parents and teachers were welcomed. When we got started we were nervous and excited at the same time.

After each team spoke, there was a crossfire round. This is where the teams throw questions at each other. At the end we heard the judges’ opinions and they said they really loved our team and were very impressed.

I’m sure you are eager to know the results! Unfortunately we lost by only ½ a point! The judges said we would have gotten more points if we did more research on the topic. But there could only be one winner and because of how close we were to winning we were still very proud of ourselves and congratulated St.Mark’s.


By Mojirade Omitunde

The debating team
The team at work