On Friday the 31st January our school took part in the local Credit Union table quiz.  We had four teams taking part – Lauren, T.J., Chelsea, Corey, Jake, Scott, Cian, Callum, Sophie, Jordan Mc, Aoife, Chisom, Jordan D, Noah, Ibitola and Daniel.  All of the quiz team members, Ms. Doyle and Ms. Hayes left the school at 10.30 and headed to St. Marks GAA club.  We had been practicing all week and were feeling fairly confident!  We were all so excited when the quiz started.  We had one team competing in the Under 11 category and three competing in the Under 13.  There were twelve rounds in total and each round had six questions.  There was a break halfway through and we got goodie bags filled with treats!  When it came time for the results to be announced we were all so nervous.  We needn’t have worried as we did so well – we came third in both categories!  We were all so proud of ourselves!  We had a brilliant day and can’t wait for the next quiz.    By Lauren Cooper (Rm 7)

Some of the CU quiz questions – do you know the answers?

What colour would you associate with a forget- me -not?

Name the capital of Russia?

How many strings are there on a violin?

Who is the president of the ILCU?