By Philomena Connors (Room  17)

Our school had a lovely surprise this morning. The boyband Taken came to visit us. They arrived after 9am with their manager.

Firstly they had tea and coffee in the Staffroom. I was allowed to have breakfast with them!! After that, they performed for the 3rd and 4th Classes in the hall. They sang two songs. I was doing my reading in my classroom and could hear them all the way down the 6th Class corridor, I was really looking forward to seeing them!! All the classes were allowed to get autographs during a ‘Meet and Greet’ with the band.

Following that performance, 5th and 6th Classes went to the hall to hear Taken sing! They sang three songs and they were just brilliant! My favourite song was the first one they sang! One of the band members was called Richie and he was a great singer! I told him he was a cracker!!! We were allowed to get autographs too, I even got one on my hand! I also got pictures with some of the band members! Here are some pictures of our morning with Taken!