On Thursday 26th February Room 20 went to The Little Museum of Dublin to take part in an ‘I Love Dublin’ workshop.
We took the bus to St. Stephens Green. We got off the bus then had lunch. We fed the ducks then we played some football then we went into the museum.
We met our tour guide, Niamh, she told us about the history of the museum and the house it is in. After that we went into the Treasury Room. We explored artefacts and memorabilia from 1900 to now. I saw gold monster munch, Podge and Rodge, a train, an old computer game and a grip holder game.
Next we interviewed an older Dubliner, Laura, a journalist from The Irish Times, and asked her about life when she was 10. She told us that when she was young, there was no internet, children have more privacy now and that schools are better now and they have better technology. Laura said she loves Dublin because even though it is a small city, it is very multicultural.
Last of all, we went into the U2 exhibition and The Irish Times room and explored the memorabilia.
Then we went back into St Stephens Green, had a quick meal, had a kick about and took a walk around the green. Then we got the bus back to school.
It was a wondrous day.
By Ruben Olasehinde


Examining photos from the past

Interviewing an older Dubliner

A 3D photo!

The Irish Times room

Lunch time!

Time for a kick about

St. Stephen’s Green