We had a very busy month during April. Of course we spent a lot of time learning lots of new things in English, maths and gaeilge but we wanted to show you some of the other things we did this month.


In our geography lessons we learned all about planets. We made paper mâché planets and we let them dry. After we painted them and put cool designs. They turned out great. Our teacher Ms.Fleming went to America and she bought us astronaut ice cream. We had strawberry, chocolate chip, vanilla and mint. We enjoyed it.

We also learned all about the water cycle. We made water cycle posters. They were cool.


We also loads of time learning all about Ancient Egypt during history. We had our own project books with different activities. We learned about Egyptian Gods and how they lived. We learned about the pyramids and even made 3D ones ourselves. We learned about mummification and made our own mummies using masking tape and newspaper. We wrote our names using hieroglyphics just like the Ancient Egyptians did.


Finally, in science, we were learning about magnets. We did an experiment about magnets to discover how they worked then we designed our own magnet games using shoe boxes. We made some football pitches, ice skating rinks and even a boxing ring! You drew a person or character, then you stick it on to a paper clip. Then you are ready. Put the magnet under the box and move it around.

We designed robots during science earlier in the year and this month we brought our creations to life (sort of!) during our art lessons.

Here are some pictures from our busy month of being artists, inventors, geographers, historians and scientists…