We had an amazing week for well-being week. We got to take part in loads of cool activities and we enjoyed every moment of it.

We started the week with a Zumba lesson. We had great fun and learned some new dance moves!

For friendship day four girls in sixth class showed us how to make friendship bracelets. We made some and gave them to our friends.

We made treasure boxes. We put in five things that made us happy. They were things we hear, touch, smell, see and taste.

For anti-bullying day we made posters, the winner would get a prize. Ms o’ Shea and Ms Brodrick announced the winners. Congratulations to the winners. We also did an activity called the crinkle kid for anti-bullying day.  We learned that all the nasty things we say don’t go away.

We talked to someone about diabetes. We learned a lot of new information about diabetes, how people live with it and the amount of sugar in different types of food. In class we designed healthy meals by making sure we included all the foods that our body needs in each meal.