Busy December

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Between the Christmas show, carol service, Christmas art and the rest of the work we do day-to-day Room 20 had an extremely busy month this December.


We had a great time on stage for our show. We sang two songs – Winter Song and Christmas Town. Everyone did a great job remembering the dance moves, using the props, Emma, Tania, Naomi, Sean, Marvin, Jolene, Oisin, Grace and Amy, and John did a fantastic job introducing our 2nd song. Check out the videos that Mr Campbell has put up. We are so proud because it was our best performance of the songs to date. We had been learning and perfecting them for weeks and we put a lot of effort into creating our props. Corey and Bernie drew them and a few other from the class, Victoria, Adam and Naomi, took turns to paint them. Take a look at the picture of our props below. We have also uploaded a few of our recounts that we wrote about the day.


We learned a lot this month. In history we looked at the life of Florence Nightengale. During geography we learned all about weather and in science we created an experiment to test the strength of string. Ms Fleming was really proud of the hard work we put in in maths this month learning about fractions and money. In English we finished our two class novels ‘The Giggler Treatment’ by Roddy Dolye and ‘Gangsta Granny’ by David Walliams. We watched the ‘Gangsta Granny’ movie and would really recommend both the book and the movie. We wrote book reviews on ‘The Giggler Treatment’. We thought this book was really unusual and funny. In Gaeilge we acted out the story of An Chead Nollaig (The First Christmas). Finally in art we made snowmen from socks. Take a look at our other post on the website about this. We described how we made them and gave names to all our snowmen!


Just before the month ended we went to the breakfast club as a reward for our good behaviour this month. Ms Fleming and Ms O’Donnell helped us make chocolate covered Oreos and decorated them to make them look like reindeer and penguins. They almost looked too good to eat!